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Tongue Ranger District and Forest Supervisor's Office: Preserving Natural Heritage in Sheridan, WY


Amidst the breathtaking landscapes of Sheridan, the Tongue Ranger District and Forest Supervisor's Office stand as steadfast guardians of the region's natural heritage. With a mission rooted in stewardship and conservation, these institutions serve as vital pillars in preserving the beauty and ecological balance of the land. From outdoor enthusiasts seeking adventure to environmentalists advocating for sustainable practices, the Tongue Ranger District and Forest Supervisor's Office provide resources, support, and a commitment to preserving Sheridan's pristine wilderness. Sheridan, WY can be seen at this link.

Guardians of the Land: Tongue Ranger District's Stewardship Mission


The Tongue Ranger District embraces a profound responsibility for the land it oversees. As part of the Bighorn National Forest, the district is dedicated to ensuring the long-term health and vitality of the area's natural resources. The Tongue Ranger District and Forest Supervisor's Office aims to balance human interaction and preserve the land's ecological integrity through various activities, including forest management, wildfire prevention, and recreation management. Information about Kendrick Park: A Scenic Escape in the Heart of Sheridan's Natural Splendor can be found here. 

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The district's dedicated team of professionals works tirelessly to maintain and enhance the forest's health. They collaborate with local stakeholders, community organizations, and neighboring jurisdictions to address challenges, promote sustainable practices, and engage in ecosystem restoration projects. This collective effort ensures that the Tongue Ranger District remains a pristine haven for present and future generations.


Connecting with Nature: Exploring Tongue Ranger District's Outdoor Wonders


Tongue Ranger District and Forest Supervisor's Office offers a treasure trove of outdoor wonders, inviting visitors to immerse themselves in the breathtaking landscapes and diverse recreational opportunities it provides. From hiking and camping to fishing and wildlife viewing, the district caters to a wide range of outdoor enthusiasts, each seeking their connection with nature.


Trails wind through ancient forests, leading adventurers to stunning vistas, hidden lakes, and pristine wilderness areas. Backpackers, day hikers, and nature lovers can explore the district's scenic beauty, discover hidden gems, and encounter the region's rich biodiversity.


Collaborative Conservation: The Vital Role of Forest Supervisor's Office


The Forest Supervisor's Office serves as the guiding force behind the Tongue Ranger District's conservation efforts. Working with the community and various stakeholders, the office plays a crucial role in managing the forest's resources and implementing sustainable practices. Through extensive research, data analysis, and community engagement, the Forest Supervisor's Office ensures that decisions are made with a long-term vision for the forest's health and the well-being of the surrounding communities.


The office also serves as an invaluable resource for visitors and locals, providing information on recreational opportunities, wilderness permits, and educational programs. Committing to fostering environmental awareness and appreciation, the Forest Supervisor's Office promotes responsible enjoyment of the forest while nurturing a sense of stewardship among all who visit.


A Sustainable Future: Tongue Ranger District and Forest Supervisor's Office's Commitment to Preservation


Tongue Ranger District and the Forest Supervisor's Office stand firmly committed to the sustainable future of Sheridan's natural resources. Their collaboration with local communities, landowners, and recreational users allows for preserving the region's pristine wilderness while promoting responsible land management practices.


As the Tongue Ranger District and Forest Supervisor's Office continue their vital work, they strive to inspire awe, respect, and stewardship for Sheridan's natural wonders. Through their dedication to conservation, these institutions ensure that future generations can enjoy the majestic landscapes, vibrant ecosystems, and boundless recreational opportunities that the Tongue Ranger District and Bighorn National Forest offers.

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