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Gliding into Fun: Whitney Rink at the M&M's Center in Sheridan, WY


The M&M's Center is a hub of recreational activities and community engagement in the heart of Sheridan, Wyoming. At the heart of this facility lies the Whitney Rink, an ice skating rink that offers a cool escape and serves as a focal point for entertainment, exercise, and togetherness. Visit this link for more information.

Modern Facility, Timeless Joy:

The Whitney Rink at the M&M's Center is a modern ice skating facility that brings together residents and visitors of all ages. Whether they're seasoned skaters or taking their first strides on the ice, individuals and families alike can experience the joy of gliding across the smooth surface of the rink. Read about Unleashing Joy: Lions Park Dog Park in Sheridan, WY here.

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Year-Round Appeal:

While ice skating might be synonymous with winter, the Whitney Rink stands out for offering year-round enjoyment. The rink transitions from ice to a smooth synthetic surface in warmer months, allowing for roller skating, rollerblading, and other activities. This adaptability ensures that the facility remains a go-to destination for recreation, regardless of the season.

Community Gathering Spot:

The M&M's Center and the Whitney Rink are more than just places to skate – they're vibrant community gathering spots. The rink regularly hosts events, workshops, and themed skating nights, bringing residents together for fun and camaraderie. Whether it's a themed costume skate, a family-friendly event, or a community celebration, the rink fosters a sense of belonging and shared enjoyment.

Physical Activity and Fun:

The Whitney Rink provides an excellent opportunity for individuals and families to engage in physical activity while having fun. Skating offers numerous benefits, including improved balance, cardiovascular exercise, and muscle coordination. As visitors glide across the ice or the synthetic surface, they're not just having a good time but also keeping active and healthy.

Learning and Skill Development:

The M&M's Center offers skate rental and even skating lessons for those new to ice or roller skating. Whether someone is a complete beginner or looking to refine their technique, the experienced instructors guide to help skaters of all levels gain confidence and skill on the ice.


Economic and Recreational Boost:

The Whitney Rink contributes to Sheridan's economic and recreational vitality. As a popular local attraction, it draws visitors who spend money in the community, supporting local businesses. Additionally, the rink's presence enhances the city's reputation as a place that values both recreational opportunities and a strong sense of community.


In conclusion, the Whitney Rink at the M&M's Center in Sheridan, Wyoming, is more than just an ice skating facility – it symbolizes community spirit, recreation, and enjoyment. Its year-round appeal, community events, and focus on physical activity make it a cherished destination for residents and visitors alike. Whether skating for fun, exercise, or connecting with others, the rink provides a space to glide into joy.

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