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See below for the following Non-Profits that support those that have served this great nation. Each purchase from us allows you to support a veteran owned business that gives back to those listed below.


Wounded Warrior Project

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Lone Survivor Foundation

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K9s For Warriors

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Paws For Hereos

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Gage Jeter - Owner

Gage is from Oakhurst, Texas. While Gage may look young, after you meet him, it is easy to tell that he is wise beyond his years. He is soft spoken but speaks his mind. He is funny and sincere.  Gage enlisted in the military in 2009 and served in the Air Force and Army. In 2012, Gage was deployed to Afghanistan.... 


Click on the image to learn about our owner, Gage Jeter and how Paws for Hereos helped him.  See how powerful these non-profits are in supporting our veterans.


Scott McCollum - Owner

Even though there are many in this country that heard the call to serve this great nation, there are many more that stayed home but supported those that did. Scott was one that fully supported all servicemen and servicewomen and has a heart to assist them with anything they need. His best friend served in the Army as well as his brother, who is still currently serving in the National Guard as an Officer. If there are patriotic people in this world, Scott will have them beat. Scott is beyond grateful to live in a "free" country and there is not a day that goes by where he isn't showing his gratitude. From the excessive hand shakes, offering to pay for their meals, Scott will insist he says, "Thank you for your service", shake their hands and carry on. Scott never wants anything in return but only to see others give respect for those that served, for they deserve it. Much more is to be said about our Owner, Scott, but give us a call and witness for yourself. 

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