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307 Discovery Center: Unveiling Wyoming's Natural Wonders in Sheridan


Nestled in the heart of Sheridan, Wyoming, the 307 Discovery Center is a gateway to the region's diverse and captivating natural wonders. This innovative center, named after Wyoming's area code, is a hub for interactive learning and exploration, inviting visitors to delve into the unique ecosystems, wildlife, and geological features that define the beauty of the 307 area. Sheridan, WY can be seen at this link.

Exploring Wyoming's Ecosystems:

One of the key attractions at the 307 Discovery Center is its immersive exhibits that showcase the rich tapestry of Wyoming's ecosystems. Visitors can journey through the state's diverse landscapes, from the iconic prairies to the majestic mountains. Interactive displays provide insight into these environments' flora and fauna, fostering a deeper appreciation for Wyoming's natural diversity. Information about Best Western Sheridan Center: A Comfortable Retreat in the Heart of Wyoming can be found here. 

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Wildlife Exhibits:

The 307 Discovery Center takes pride in its wildlife exhibits, which offer a close-up look at the animals that call Wyoming home. From elusive predators like the mountain lion to the playful antics of otters, the exhibits feature lifelike displays that capture the essence of these creatures in their natural habitats. 

Geological Marvels:

Wyoming's geological wonders take center stage at the 307 Discovery Center, where exhibits explore the state's fascinating rock formations, canyons, and geological history. Visitors can engage with hands-on displays that illustrate the forces shaping Wyoming's landscapes, including the iconic Devil's Tower and the rugged terrain of the Big Horn Mountains. These exhibits serve as a geological journey, unraveling the mysteries of Wyoming's ancient past.

Hands-On Learning:

A distinctive feature of the 307 Discovery Center is its emphasis on hands-on learning experiences. Interactive stations and educational activities cater to visitors of all ages, encouraging them to touch, explore, and learn through participation. From fossil digging to simulated weather experiments, these hands-on opportunities make the educational content accessible and enjoyable, fostering a sense of curiosity and discovery.

Stellar Stargazing:

As day turns to night, the 307 Discovery Center invites visitors to gaze at the stars and explore the wonders of the cosmos. The center's commitment to astronomy education is evident in its state-of-the-art observatory, equipped with powerful telescopes that reveal the beauty of Wyoming's night sky.

Educational Programs and Events:

The 307 Discovery Center is a destination for individual exploration and a hub for educational programs and community events. Schools, families, and enthusiasts can participate in guided tours, workshops, and special events that enhance their understanding of Wyoming's natural wonders. These programs align with the center's mission to inspire a sense of environmental stewardship and promote a deeper connection to Wyoming's unique ecosystems.

Community Engagement:

Rooted in community engagement, the 307 Discovery Center actively collaborates with local schools, organizations, and businesses to promote environmental education and conservation. The center's outreach initiatives extend its impact beyond its physical location, fostering a sense of environmental responsibility among Sheridan's residents and contributing to the broader awareness of Wyoming's natural treasures.


The 307 Discovery Center in Sheridan, Wyoming, is a beacon of exploration and education, inviting visitors to journey through the state's diverse ecosystems, wildlife, and geological marvels. With its interactive exhibits, hands-on learning opportunities, and commitment to community engagement, the center enriches the lives of residents and tourists alike. As a hub of discovery and environmental education, the 307 Discovery Center is a testament to Wyoming's natural wonders and the importance of preserving and appreciating the state's unique ecosystems.

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